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Client Overview:

MeJane, is an online streaming platform for movies and TV shows. MeJane is a Dutch and Belgian streaming service with a large film catalog for young and old.

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  • Discover the hottest and latest movies
  • Watch movie trailers of every movie
  • Read extensive reviews from other viewers.
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Our Role






Master Creations, a leading web and mobile design agency, was approached by, an online movie streaming platform, to revamp their website and mobile app. The goal of the redesign was to provide a better user experience, improve user engagement, and showcase the unique selling points of Master Creations embarked on this project with the aim of creating a visually appealing design that would cater to new visitors, returning users, and logged-in users. The following case study outlines the process and outcomes of the redesign project.

Client Requirements:

The redesign required three variations of the homepage design: one for new visitors, one for returning visitors, and one for logged-in users. The design had to incorporate both static and dynamic elements, taking into consideration the different needs of each user category. The website had to be mobile-responsive, providing an app-like experience for users accessing it through the webview Android/iOS app. The client also requested specific elements to be visible on each page, including the header, movie strips, unique selling points (USPs), reviews, genres, and special highlights.


Design Approach:

Master Creations began by understanding the client’s goals and target audience. They conducted extensive research into the movie streaming industry, analysed user preferences, and studied competitor websites. Armed with this knowledge, they formulated a design strategy that focused on enhancing the user journey, emphasising the USPs, and creating an immersive experience.

Homepage Design: Header:
  • The header aimed to stimulate user interaction and provide information about the currently playing movies. Master Creations proposed a design that showcased a background video and an “Up Next” design element, allowing users to browse through movie trailers. The main video element displayed the playing trailer as a background video with metadata, including the title, synopsis, and buttons to watch the movie and add it to favorites.
Unique Selling Points (USPs):
  • Four USP blocks were placed on the homepage to highlight’s key features. These blocks included sections such as “Newest Movies,” “Watch on Every Device,” “No Subscription,” and “Rent with Discount.” Each block contained relevant information and visuals to effectively communicate the benefits of the platform.
  • The homepage featured two types of review sections: “Recently Reviewed” and “Review of the Week.” Master Creations designed these sections to display movie metadata, reviewer information, ratings, and buttons to watch the movies. The “Review of the Week” was a dynamic element picked by the team on a weekly basis.
Movie Strips:
  • The movie strips were horizontal lists that showcased standing covers, movie titles, genres, synopses, trailers, rental options, ratings, and release dates. Master Creations upgraded the movie strips to create an immersive experience, taking into account factors such as trailer visibility, movie availability, mouse-over interactions, and responsive design for mobile devices. Additionally, they introduced a special/highlight element that combined the highlight movie with the movie strip design.
  • To provide easy access to popular genres, Master Creations included a few genre sections on the homepage. These sections featured square images based on the movies within each genre.

Detail Page:

The detail page design focused on optimising the layout for desktop and mobile devices. Master Creations restructured the page to combine standing covers with landscape artwork, allowing for a visually appealing presentation of movie information. They also ensured that the page design remained consistent, whether it displayed a standing cover or landscape artwork as the main visual element.


Results and Outcomes:

The website and app redesign by Master Creations achieved the client’s goals of providing a better understanding of the platform, highlighting its benefits, and delivering a premium user experience. The new design successfully catered to new visitors, returning users, and logged-in users by incorporating static and dynamic elements that addressed their specific needs. The mobile-responsive design enhanced the user experience for mobile users, providing an app-like feel

The revamped homepage showcased the USPs of, including the latest movies, multi-device compatibility, subscription options, and discounts. The review sections effectively displayed recently reviewed movies and the review of the week, encouraging user engagement and participation.

Some components we used, while we redesigned!

The movie strips, genres, and special highlights sections improved the presentation of movie content, making it more visually appealing and engaging. The detail page redesign addressed layout issues and optimized the display of movie information, whether with standing covers or landscape artwork.
Overall, the redesign by Master Creations resulted in a visually appealing, user-centric, and immersive experience for movie enthusiasts, driving increased user engagement, retention, and satisfaction


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Master Creations successfully redesigned the website and app, aligning with the client’s requirements and goals. By incorporating static and dynamic elements, emphasising USPs, and optimising the user journey, the new design achieved a better understanding of and presented a premium user experience. The mobile-responsive design ensured a seamless experience for users accessing the platform through the webview Android/iOS app. The revamped homepage, movie strips, genres, and detail page all contributed to an engaging and visually appealing movie streaming platform. You wanna see it live and kicking ?? Visit : and don’t forget to rate the app!!

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