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Enhancing UX and Redesigning the Naahdi Care Clinics App


Master Creations, a leading design agency, partnered with Naahdi Care Clinics, a prominent healthcare provider in Saudi Arabia, to enhance their online presence and improve user experience. This case study outlines the process and outcomes of Master Creations’ collaboration with Naahdi, focusing on the redesign of their website, improvement of user accessibility for their app, and the refinement of color and typography patterns based on the brand identity.

Our Role





Client Background:

Naahdi Care Clinics is a respected healthcare organization that offers a wide range of medical services across various locations in Saudi Arabia. They provide exceptional healthcare solutions while aiming to make a positive impact on the community. Naahdi sought Master Creations’ expertise to revamp their digital platforms and create a more user-friendly experience for their patients.


The primary objective of Master Creations was to modernise Naahdi’s website, ensuring it reflected the brand’s values, and improve the user experience. Additionally, they aimed to enhance the accessibility and functionality of the Naahdi Care Clinics mobile app. The design agency also sought to refine the colour and typography patterns to align with the brand’s identity and create a cohesive visual experience across all touchpoints.


Approach and Methodology

Website Redesign:

Master Creations began by conducting a comprehensive audit of Naahdi’s existing website, analyzing user feedback and conducting competitor research. They collaborated closely with Naahdi’s team to understand their requirements and brand vision. Based on these insights, Master Creations developed wireframes and prototypes that focused on intuitive navigation, improved readability, and streamlined user flows. They incorporated responsive design principles to ensure a seamless experience across devices. Regular feedback loops and iterative design processes were followed to refine the design until it met Naahdi’s expectations.

Some old app designs provided by client

App Accessibility:

To enhance the accessibility of the Naahdi Care Clinics mobile app, Master Creations conducted a thorough evaluation of the existing app’s user interface. They identified areas where accessibility features could be improved, such as text size, color contrast, and navigation options. The design agency implemented accessibility guidelines and best practices, ensuring compliance with international accessibility standards. By making the necessary adjustments and optimizations, Master Creations aimed to create an inclusive
experience for all users.

Screenshot of new and improved app designs

Color and Typography Refinement:

Master Creations worked closely with Naahdi to refine their color and typography patterns. They analyzed Naahdi’s brand guidelines, considering the organization’s values, target audience, and overall brand identity. Based on this analysis, they proposed a refined color palette that evoked a sense of trust, professionalism, and empathy. The typography patterns were updated to ensure legibility and consistency across all communication channels, maintaining a harmonious visual identity.


Outcomes and Results

The redesigned Naahdi Care Clinics apps showcased a modern and user-centric design. The intuitive navigation, improved readability, and enhanced visual appeal helped visitors easily access relevant information and services. The design approach ensured a seamless experience across all mobile devices, catering to the needs of a diverse audience. Naahdi reported increased user engagement, reduced bounce rates, and positive feedback from patients, reflecting the success of the app redesign.


Master Creations’ partnership with Naahdi Care Clinics resulted in significant improvements to their digital platforms. Through a strategic website redesign, improved app accessibility, and refined colour and typography patterns, Naahdi achieved a more user-friendly and visually cohesive online presence. The collaboration between Master Creations and Naahdi exemplified the successful implementation of design principles and a user-centred approach, ultimately enhancing the overall experience for Naahdi’s patients and stakeholders.

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