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Roojh - Website, App, Dashboard, and Logo Design

Client Overview:

We are a team of doctors and technologists who want to bring the best of healthcare to every person in this world. We firmly believe that good healthcare starts with people who need to take control of personal health irrespective of skill level, education level or income level. Also we believe that
easy storage and exchange of health information among patients, doctors and Health care providers are fundamental to better medical decision making. Roojh is our attempt to empower people and healthcare providers to make better decisions. And we will use an optimal mix of human and technological approach to build sustainable solutions.

Our Role





Project Objectives:

The primary objective of this project is to design and develop a user-friendly website, mobile application dashboard, and a professional logo for Roojh. The client’s requirements include user registration and login functionality, personal health record management, visualisation of health information, secure data exchange, decision support systems, doctor connection features, and convenient medication and lab test ordering options.

Client requirement:


Website Design and Development:

Master Creationz’s web design team meticulously crafted a website that served as the primary interface for Roojh’s services. The following key features were incorporated:

1. User Registration and Login:

The team developed a secure registration and login system, allowing users to create accounts and safeguard their personal information. The registration process captured essential user details to facilitate personalized health services.

2. Personal Health Record Management:

The website made it simple to upload and arrange medical data in a variety of formats, including PDFs, pictures, and papers. Users have simple access to see, amend, and update their records, assuring thorough management of their private health information.

3. Visualizing Health Information:

Master Creationz used effective user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing methods to communicate health facts. Users were given a clear overview of their health data via graphs, charts, and other visual representations, making it simpler for them to comprehend and interpret.

4. Secure Health Information Exchange:

To ensure the privacy and compliance of user data, the development team implemented robust security measures. Users could securely share their health data with clinicians or seek second opinions, maintaining confidentiality and adhering to data protection regulations.

5. Decision Support Systems:

The website now features artificial intelligence algorithms that offer tailored health-related recommendations and advice based on user data. Users were able to make well-informed decisions about their health and wellbeing because to this functionality.

6. Doctor Connection:

Master Creationz implemented a trusted doctor directory, allowing users to search for renowned doctors in their area. The website facilitated scheduling appointments and requesting consultations with doctors, streamlining the process of accessing healthcare services.

7. Medication Ordering:

The platform enabled users to conveniently order medications through a user-friendly interface. Detailed information regarding prices, locations, and home delivery options for medications was provided, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

8. Lab Test Ordering:

Master Creationz integrated a feature for users to order lab tests conveniently through the website. Users could access information about prices, nearby lab locations, and home sample collection services, enabling them to efficiently manage their healthcare needs.

Application Dashboard Design and Development:

A mobile application dashboard created by Master Creationz perfectly complimented the features of the website. The following characteristics were present:

1. Account Management:

Users could manage their profiles effectively thanks to the application dashboard’s secure login capabilities. The application allowed users to easily update their personal health records and gain access to them.

2. Personal Health Record Access and Management:

Personal health records were consistently accessible thanks to the mobile application dashboard, The website made it simple to upload and arrange medical data in a variety of formats, including PDFs, pictures, and papers. Users have simple access to see, amend, and update their records, assuring thorough management of their private health information.

3. Using visual representations of health data to show data:

The mobile application dashboard presented visual representations of health data, similar to the website, facilitating easy comprehension and interpretation of important metrics and trends.

4. Secure Health Information Exchange:

Users were able to securely communicate their health information with clinicians thanks to the application’s support for secure health information exchange. With the help of this feature, user and healthcare professional communication was improved, facilitating effective and well-informed decision-making.

5. Doctor Connection:

From the mobile application dashboard, users could connect with doctors, check their profiles, and make appointments. This facilitated improved doctor-patient contact and expedited the process of obtaining healthcare services.

Logo Design:

The design team at Master Creationz produced a polished logo for Roojh that emphasised the platform’s dedication to electronic medical records and healthcare technology. The logo was created to be eye-catching, memorable, and to imply trustworthiness, dependability, and innovation. The final logo design included components that effectively expressed Roojh’s key beliefs and complemented its brand identity.



In conclusion, Master Creationz successfully fulfilled Roojh’s requirements by designing and developing a comprehensive healthcare platform. The intuitive website, mobile application dashboard, and visually appealing logo effectively conveyed Roojh’s commitment to empowering users with secure and convenient management of their personal health records. The implemented features provided users with personalized health advice, doctor connections, medication ordering, lab test ordering, and intuitive visualization of health information, ultimately enhancing the overall user experience.


Hoping the you enjoyed viewing our design journey with our client Roojh Helthcare Tecnologies! To take a deeper Dig at our work please visit their website.

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